THIRTEEN WAYS OF NEVERMORE: ARKANSAS, 12/31/2010 by Catherine Davis

Pas de cinq mille, in B minor.

(The stage will be crowded.)

Instruments: violin, cello, blue guitar, tambourine.

~ ~ ~

Scene: MIDNIGHT all day. Bleak December. A chiaroscuro, snowing blackbirds.

Swirling FLIGHT. [Andantino > vivace > agito > furioso ffff]

Action: NO ONE hears them cry out – in this un-startled ear of night. At least, no one admits it, afterwards.

Always there are shadows, ghosts rise and fall. It happens all the time. This is only a part of the PANTOMIME.

Primary characters: an INNUENDO, perhaps: being slight of brain, they follow the wrong leader. Or, not understanding signals, they mistake the red beacon and fly against a GREEN LIGHT.

Costume: Extravagant black plumage, with RED-tipped wings.

Secondary characters: the THIN MEN, who prefer golden birds. To embrace the beauty of light or the beauty of dark, this was never their question.

Pre-Scene: Beebe was already knee-deep in BIRD SHIT. (Hm, recreate or not?)

Abruptly: in a denser air, between issue and return, not a FEATHER flutters. Sudden, utter stillness. [Mysterioso]

Now, five thousand: plummeting. Keeping time, time, time. PLUMMETING, each a singular instant.

The breast, the bone, dashed bodies on stone. Maybe ASPHALT. (In sixes, dancers crash to floor.) [Sforzando piano sfzp]

Easy as EGGSHELLS. Broken beaks, broken bells. Wingless and withered, by the blunt force of earth. Crimson blooms on each breast, spreading. Spreading, until: fade to RED. [Morendo]

Where do I begin?


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3 responses to “THIRTEEN WAYS OF NEVERMORE: ARKANSAS, 12/31/2010 by Catherine Davis

  1. fascinating experimental structure. like a puzzle, with each scene giving a slightly different angle. loved this especially: “Always there are shadows, ghosts rise and fall. It happens all the time. This is only a part of the PANTOMIME.”

    • Dorothee, thank you for reading, and for your responses. Very helpful to hear your puzzle observation – I must know this on some level, because it is a puzzle to me, but not trying to make a puzzle per se. I’m glad you like that paragraph – me too. Happy to have you visit my story!

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